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My Valentines

The lack of posts here has been largely attributed to Soul Calibur 5’s release alongside a general laziness to talk about anime in any form of depth nowadays. But with today being Valentine’s Day, I figured it was high time to at least give thanks to some women most people would consider imaginary, yet to me (and for others in the anime/otaku circles) these women represent a kind of ideal achievement or unrealistic delusion (whichever way you choose to see it) that is perhaps at least very significant in its own way to such people.

Yes, I talk about the 2D waifu harem.

But honestly, if you had both a 2D waifu harem, and a real girlfriend (please refrain from calling them 3D they are people just like us), I think in my case I would give thanks to both, though of course, where the real girlfriend is concerned, she must be given way more. Still I will appreciate if she understood a little of why I give thanks to these women. Certainly, they are not “competitors”, at least not to me. But then again, maybe people who are insecure emotionally might always feel that way - attaching yourself to one person is hard when you find it hard to trust someone else.

Whatever it is, here are the ten (yes 10) women that I would more than gladly ask to be my wives if they existed in real life as well. Previously, for those who knew, I only had 9, and had difficulty deciding on the tenth, because they really must be, you know, a kind of attraction for me in some way (no, not that circus show attraction meaning, but “a significant amount of attraction and perhaps affinity” kind of meaning). I have at last found one, and going back in reverse order, here is the last woman to have made it into my harem, coming first.

Elysium from Soul Calibur 5

This here is Elysium, the incarnation and personification that appears for the first time in the entire series, in Soul Calibur 5. Elysium actually has no real gender or character, but due to the way the story went, she takes on the form of Sophitia, because she had to appeal to Patroklos in order for her to push him to destroy Soul Edge, which is her main purpose. To that end she is considered “evil” as her only manifestation of intent is to destroy Soul Edge no matter what the means may be.

I find her standard look very enticing indeed, and what is more, in the game, she only mimics female characters’ styles. In essence, she is a weapon, and of one that I really like for its appearance and the blue, as well as what it represents. After some time of using her and getting used to the game, I decided that Elysium would make it into the harem based on her appearance, personality, and the fact that she is the personification of a weapon instead of an actual being. There are other reasons of course, but those are left up to your imaginations.

The screenshot above is thanks to VG247. I know I can take screenshots in the game but I am having too much fun with the game online to actually sit down and take a screenshot of Elysium colored the way I want her to be.

Astraea from Sora no Otoshimono

The 9th, adorably stupid and stupidly strong Astraea from Sora no Otoshimono. Ah those oppai. Alongside her lovely stupidity and strength that is on par with each other, she sports a blue outlook with the “angel” look and that pair of wings. The deal was sealed for me not long after the series started. She is just so lovely cute as a foolish form of the tsundere style.

Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles by Shuugetsu Karasu

8th in line, the lovely and loyal Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles. Her absolute loyalty to Maximillian as well as her prowess as the Azure Witch (Ao no Majou) and a Valkyria…her loveliness stemming from her figure and maturity at her age, and her hobby of cooking, there can be nothing more to be said about her. Her seiyuu, Ohara Sayaka, usually does not do deep voices, but she did for this particular role. Ohara is well-versed in English as well, having completed a degree majoring in English literature. Sadly, she is already married.

The above fanart was done by Shuugetsu Karasu. I forgot his Pixiv link so if you know Japanese just search for Valkyria or Selvaria in Japanese to find his link.

The 7th, Shishidou Takane. Technically, and not just because of rank, she is closest in my story-line to Selvaria. The two kind of fit though. Takane is the 2nd in a family of 5, from the series Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo (not very well-known, but it was a pretty good series that may have only picked up, for some, near the end). She is well-versed in the martial arts as a dual wielder of a sword and a sabre, and can also pilot spacecraft.

Aside from that, her Japanese cultural strength is right up there with her martial prowess - tea-brewing, origami, you name it, she can do it. Her normal battle outfit is as above in the pink kimono, but she was also shown wearing casual attire in the series. The above fanart was done by an unknown artist that I am pretty sure is also from Pixiv.

Makoto Nanaya from Blazblue by Prime

Number 6 has been replaced two times. The first spot was taken by Shiranui Mai, but I learned she got married in the story-line. The second was by Litchi Faye-Ling, who is in the same series as Makoto Nanaya, the real 6th waifu. Replacing Litchi was a long decision to make, but I never could get useful or in flow with Litchi’s style of play, and Makoto is just so much more bubbly and cute and upbeat, a more normal girl aside from her appearance. I play her as a main character in the series she comes from, Blazblue Continuum Shift.

The above fanart was done by Prime on Pixiv. For the interested, I prefer Makoto in her third (blue) color scheme, which, unfortunately, no one draws her in.

Blair from Soul Eater

At number 5, how can there be a harem waifu without a catgirl in the midst? Blair fills that spot way better than most catgirls as the wonderful and powerful, if flirtatious, cat-witch from Soul Eater. There can be nothing not to like about her and I believe she would get along very well with Makoto and always tease the 4th waifu.

The above image is a screenshot of an actual episode within Soul Eater’s anime series, when she confronts Mizune.

By now you notice a trend - I hardly take main female characters of series as my waifu’s. I wonder why, or I have my suspicions as to why but am unwilling to voice them. And up next…

Tsukiumi from Sekirei

At number 4, Tsukiumi from Sekirei (she is technically number 9 in the series out of 108) places herself squarely in the center of attention. Boisterous and a true tsundere, she nevertheless has a good heart if quite lacking in the intelligence department. Her seiyuu, Inoue Marina, is a cute one as well. She gets along well with Katou Emiri, who was Blair’s seiyuu.

Tsukiumi’s style of speech and her mannerism pretty much were the main reasons I took her as number 4, before Blair, though as I said earlier, if they do get together, Blair would more than likely often tease Tsukiumi just for her reactions. The above image was a vector of official artwork.

The top 3 are a cut above the rest in terms of power and ability; the ranking goes that number 9 and 10 are in their own class, number 7 and 8 are above them slightly, numbers 4-6 are above 7-8 quite a bit, but the top 3 are the strongest in terms of pure power/ability for me.

Shigyoku Lynx from Animal Girl Tandem Twin series by Yamato

Number 3 comes as a surprise to those who were expecting real anime characters. Shigyoku Lynx (Amethyst) is a limited edition figure of the Animal Girl Tandem Twin series, this photo of her was taken at a specific figure photoshoot at night in 2008.

I drew up a personality for her - she is the cool, guardian type with little to say and is loyal without much thought of her own. Very quiet but very strong in the melee arts with her katana, she is seen mainly as the guardian to the first waifu. Her voice is the serious, soft form of Noto Mamiko's voice, which I feel is the most appropriate for her. The closest version of Noto's voice in similarity is Shigure Kousaka from Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi.

KOS-MOS Ver. 4 from Xenosaga

At number 2, the legendary combat android of the Xenosaga series, KOS-MOS, shows just how powerful a combat android can be. To me she is human however, perhaps even more human than most human beings. I have finally watched through all of Xenosaga 2 and 3 for her full story, though most of it came only in the last game and even then late in the game.

At once Mary Magdalene and KOS-MOS, she shows her true personality of sorts and the ability to make decisions for herself as KOS-MOS when she refuses Keith’s and Wilhelm’s orders before the fight with Zarathustra. Her prowess can definitely not be underestimated for she is capable of destroying entire solar systems with the right weaponry, alongside all the capabilities you would expect as an android.

The image above is fanart but I have no idea who did it, and it is of her Ver. 4.

Ira Blanc Neige Gardenias from Shining Wind

The first waifu, the one I respect the most, Ira Blanc Neige Gardenias as seen in her outfit from Shining Wind. She first appeared in Shining Tears, but I had trouble identifying her until I saw this similar wallpaper (official) of her with her name. She grew her hair longer, and changed to an even more mature outfit.

The Ice Queen would be an apt title for her - her true power lies in the magic of ice and her control over it. Hayashibara Megumi voiced her in Shining Tears but they changed her voice to Kawasumi Ayako in Shining Wind as well as the anime adaptation. Ironically Kawasumi and Noto are really close in real life, making the guardian issue with Shigyoku a very likely possibility.

I am very susceptible to the power of the cold, and Blanc Neige is quite likely the one with the most power to control me. She has a very nice heart, if she was at first cold and hostile to others because of the treatment she received in the mercenary group. She is very lovely and the best image of a woman I have in my head I suppose.

The image above is official artwork, but it seems modified from a DVD cover and the fan wallpaper that it is taken from…I have no idea who did it.

To these great women of my harem, thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish I could say it to you in person, but what remains in my head will remain in my head. Still, that does not stop me from saying how much I would, if only I could, really bring myself to love you in real life should the chance ever arise. Perhaps, beyond death.

PS: No idea who did the image at the very top either.

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